Monday, July 27, 2009


Back again

Another one of my periodic blogging absences. Apologies.

Moving on;

Weller Street Mk2 is coming on very nicely. Below are a few pictures;

As you can see, things have progressed somewhat since these shots! - It all works, by the way, which is more than the original did.

I've also been out and about a bit. Devon, to be precise.

This is Buckfastleigh - the South Devon Railway

This is Churston, on the Paignton & Dartmouth

And this is Dawlish

Till next time...

Saturday, April 25, 2009


A lot can change in 15 days...

Well, since the last update, Weller Street has changed dramatically.

In fact, it is no more. To be replaced by? Weller Street Mk2.

I wasn't happy with the baseboards for various reasons - mostly the fact that they were built badly, with the raised level as an afterthought.

The old layout was gutted over the Easter weekend and rebuilt totally, from the ground up, to this new trackplan;

After a little over 2 weeks worth of work, massive progress has been achieved.

Frankly, this makes previous progress look glacial in comparison. It all works well, it looks great and the layout is coming on great guns. By the end of this weekend, the underboard stuff should all be complete, which is excellent, as it will allow me to relax a little and play around with the scenics.

Next on the agenda?

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Friday, April 10, 2009


Weller Street Lives! - The Redux

Again, another unenforced Blog break. Apologies. Progress has continued, however, as can be seen on I also have a new toy in the loft - well, not so much new, more 'relocated'. In a monster cleanup session the other day, I took my most favourite gadget, the digital radio into the loft. I get an absolutley perfect signal, and frankly, doing anything whilst listening to Planet Rock is an absolute pleasure. Yes, even wiring. And ballasting.

However, that is no excuse, and I'm virtually punishing myself by doing the wiring over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Here's a couple of recent progress shots;

This shows the shops and the (as yet unpainted) girder bridge over the High Street. Bridge support pillar would probably give civil engineers a thousand coronarys - this is to be sorted ;)

I should add - the shop fronts are mockups. They were going to be the finished thing, but a serious 'Actually, I could do MUCH better than that' feeling has decided otherwise. About 30 seconds after I put that in place :D. This photo also shows the work that will need to be done to hide the wiring. Current thoughts are 'Paint the underside of the board black, put in a lot of false girders and where wiring is unavoidable (that which is visible and another couple of runs for track in front), hide it in painted drinking straws to look like pipework of some description. There should also be a Tortoise & Hare combo under there, but a remote mount kit is going to be used instead.

This is a shot along the promenade. Again, since the photo was taken, the prom itself has been 'swept' clear of sand/crap. The 'blue foam' edge of the paving will be painted grey, when I get the inclination to do something tedious. Fencing will also be installed, but I want something less ornate than that which is on the pavement/prom edge - something like this;

The sand, by the way, is real - a decent sized back of 'Bird Sand' was picked/scooped up from a local pet place, and seems to look the part after being poured onto a PVA base.

Till next time...

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Monday, November 10, 2008


Stabling The Fleet

More work tonight has seen yet more holes drilled for track feeds - Oh, and additional operating potential...

Revised trackplan; Apologies for the small size, had to resize it. It does, however, show what I'm trying to do scenically better than anything else.

The new track is the curved point off the branch - this runs into a siding along the front of the bay platform. This will be for unit stabling primarily - might even slot in a cleaning platform. It could allow for freight - I've got a vision of either battered 16T minerals or heavily weathered standard vans rattling over the High Street bridge. I blame the likes of The Hull Mob, Neil Rushby & co for this - I'm an absolute sucker for heavily 'used', 'ordinary' stock - and they amongst others frequently produce stunning examples of both these types!

And here is that new junction - albeit with the track just laid in place at the moment.

And finally, just to show that I can tidy up sometimes - a view towards the station - again, that new track isn't laid properly.

That white box at the end of the platforms by the way? That'll be the Station Building. Work in progress, but coming along nicely...

The Station Master's Office, complete with furniture from the very talented Jim Smith-Wright

And finally - a start on the station interior. You won't be able to see a lot of it, but at least I will know it's there...

Till next time.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Building Blocks...

During this week, as well as wiring up a few more feeds, I've mocked up the Station building.

It's nothing special - Daler Board and Insulation Tape - but it gives the idea of what I want to achieve. The basis for the building is Gloucester Road - ok, so it's an Underground Station, but it looks the part, and with a few adaptations, I can see it really fitting in on Weller Street.

From the front;

From the street;

What is visible from Platform level;

The plan was always to have a 'modern' style of station building - with facilities for pax at street level, and twin staircases leading up to the platforms. There would also be a parcels office and lift for BRUTES etc. However, seeing made me think about something a little more 'traditional' - mock Gothic architechture, in a sense. The 'porch' on the front is from somewhere else entirely - inspired by Norwich Station (Wikipedia). As always, the cork represents the (as yet unfinished, because it's a tedious job to peel and stick Metcalfe paving when there are more interesting things to do!) pavement.

Also - Finally, just a few pictures which show off that cobbled platform surface - again, this is still up in the air at the moment - can't decide if it looks the part or not!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Weller Street - More Progress

Weller Street is coming along nicely - a new job has helped galvanise enthusiasm.

The Tortoise Point Motors and Hare Decoders are on order, wiring is 'imminent' - and the platforms are coming along.

A selection of recent pics;

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Weller Street Lives!

There has been plenty of progress in the loft - and on the job front - and things are, in layout terms at least, going well.

The plan is certainly working - scenically, the track is elevated above street level, running on Faller Retaining Arches (amongst other things), with a market scene planned for the pedestrianised 'Station Road' below the Station.

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